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. (dir)   r823 igor2 2023-12-04T15:26:33.015098Z
.. (dir)   r823 igor2 2023-12-04T15:26:33.015098Z
doc (dir)   r823 igor2 2023-12-04T15:26:33.015098Z
scconfig (dir)   r819 igor2 2023-11-29T03:57:06.109748Z
src (dir)   r805 igor2 2023-11-08T06:32:15.734257Z
src_3rd (dir)   r703 igor2 2023-04-13T12:16:07.072937Z
src_plugins (dir)   r822 igor2 2023-12-04T15:23:49.457284Z
util (dir)   r799 igor2 2023-10-11T10:59:09.108171Z
AUTHORS 67   r293 igor2 2021-07-02T07:45:18.039820Z
COPYING 18092   r213 igor2 2021-06-15T03:35:43.078637Z
Changelog 14788   r812 igor2 2023-11-20T05:17:02.396247Z
INSTALL 1201   r801 igor2 2023-11-08T06:15:14.769058Z
Makefile 565   r329 igor2 2021-10-31T06:41:34.056012Z 1482   r565 igor2 2022-11-16T11:49:41.628789Z
README 203   r213 igor2 2021-06-15T03:35:43.078637Z
Release_notes 204   r812 igor2 2023-11-20T05:17:02.396247Z 1279   r611 igor2 2022-11-25T06:10:08.763152Z 179   r697 igor2 2023-03-10T04:09:18.411935Z
configure 842   r565 igor2 2022-11-16T11:49:41.628789Z

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