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. (dir)   r25440 igor2 2019-05-12T17:21:56.424061Z
.. (dir)   r38887 igor2 2024-05-15T05:14:11.867513Z
fixed_dockbox (dir)   r25440 igor2 2019-05-12T17:21:56.424061Z
fixed_flow (dir)   r25438 igor2 2019-05-12T16:13:51.609757Z
in_keyboard (dir)   r12752 avigne 2017-11-11T10:09:34.220386Z
layersel (dir)   r13400 avigne 2017-12-10T14:59:47.730988Z
treetable (dir)   r19869 igor2 2018-10-06T12:05:17.079884Z
trunctext (dir)   r17354 igor2 2018-06-17T03:42:07.458772Z
Makefile 206   r2759 igor2 2016-08-28T07:25:51.312853Z
README 134   r1555 igor2 2016-04-13T02:55:01.128338Z
gschem_accel_label.c 10660   r1558 igor2 2016-04-13T03:14:21.575265Z
gschem_accel_label.h 3309   r1558 igor2 2016-04-13T03:14:21.575265Z
gtk1.c 3001   r2383 igor2 2016-08-02T19:09:19.762668Z
gtk_conf_list.c 6727   r1997 igor2 2016-06-18T07:10:26.142307Z
gtk_conf_list.h 939   r1996 igor2 2016-06-18T05:00:41.870405Z
list.c 1121   r1994 igor2 2016-06-18T04:15:04.776958Z
propedit.c 458   r2756 igor2 2016-08-28T07:07:11.124575Z

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