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. (dir)   r37211 igor2 2023-01-26T06:34:06.839422Z
.. (dir)   r37211 igor2 2023-01-26T06:34:06.839422Z
conf (dir)   r37002 igor2 2022-11-20T07:56:54.724859Z
developer (dir)   r37200 igor2 2023-01-23T06:50:44.251883Z
help (dir)   r34522 igor2 2021-04-16T10:11:14.348186Z
man (dir)   r36124 igor2 2022-03-28T11:26:49.132619Z
releases-bin (dir)   r30647 igor2 2020-04-15T10:57:31.390437Z
resources (dir)   r36454 igor2 2022-07-15T16:57:24.399975Z
security (dir)   r34917 igor2 2021-06-14T15:40:47.344809Z
tutorials (dir)   r36316 igor2 2022-05-12T13:13:24.501187Z
user (dir)   r37040 igor2 2022-11-22T08:06:35.841800Z
Autostyle.html 1143   r35786 igor2 2021-10-27T02:14:56.033865Z 1240   r6931 igor2 2017-02-17T07:01:26.445096Z
INSTALL.UNIX.txt 1170   r34840 igor2 2021-06-09T17:19:08.816350Z
INSTALL.librnd.txt 3915   r36096 igor2 2022-02-23T07:54:06.267488Z
INSTALL.mac.txt 1143   r34118 igor2 2021-02-09T06:45:42.881702Z
INSTALL.win32.html 4273   r34260 igor2 2021-03-24T03:36:05.664891Z
Makefile 1919   r37037 igor2 2022-11-22T04:54:54.173179Z
README 426   r34835 igor2 2021-06-08T03:52:41.611103Z
TODO 11049   r37209 erich 2023-01-23T16:08:29.951589Z
TODO.drc_query 455   r36730 igor2 2022-08-14T08:22:01.803718Z
contact.html 2423   r35786 igor2 2021-10-27T02:14:56.033865Z
contrib.html 3459   r35786 igor2 2021-10-27T02:14:56.033865Z
datasheet.html 10151   r36013 igor2 2021-12-14T04:29:20.426912Z 535   r37037 igor2 2022-11-22T04:54:54.173179Z
doc.html 1747   r36790 igor2 2022-09-11T02:56:47.605476Z
faq.html 6018   r35786 igor2 2021-10-27T02:14:56.033865Z
help.html 4282   r36774 igor2 2022-09-06T05:20:15.207658Z
help_details.html 3716   r35786 igor2 2021-10-27T02:14:56.033865Z
index.html 6334   r36776 igor2 2022-09-06T06:08:55.791003Z
irc.html 2563   r36751 igor2 2022-08-18T03:39:48.616587Z
keys.html 55562   r37035 igor2 2022-11-22T04:46:00.163483Z
license.html 3222   r36789 igor2 2022-09-11T02:55:20.787574Z
mirrors.html 3239   r36781 igor2 2022-09-11T02:28:51.859812Z
motivation.html 9876   r36783 igor2 2022-09-11T02:47:11.521190Z
myfeature.html 2887   r36788 igor2 2022-09-11T02:53:40.444004Z
news.html 12668   r36950 igor2 2022-11-02T02:56:59.654094Z
privacy.html 6366   r35786 igor2 2021-10-27T02:14:56.033865Z
scripting.txt 1228   r36786 igor2 2022-09-11T02:49:48.736817Z
support.html 3263   r36785 igor2 2022-09-11T02:48:49.193862Z
wishlist.txt 1101   r37211 igor2 2023-01-26T06:34:06.839422Z

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