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. (dir)   r37121 igor2 2022-12-19T07:27:26.457614Z
.. (dir)   r37213 erich 2023-01-28T07:16:17.125357Z
bisecter (dir)   r32455 igor2 2020-08-13T03:15:55.073561Z
bxl2txt (dir)   r37121 igor2 2022-12-19T07:27:26.457614Z
devhelpers (dir)   r37030 igor2 2022-11-22T03:37:25.063425Z
gsch2pcb-rnd (dir)   r37104 igor2 2022-12-12T10:56:33.813220Z
pcblib-map (dir)   r34912 igor2 2021-06-14T08:00:36.318952Z
sign (dir)   r36648 igor2 2022-08-03T04:01:26.494626Z
Makefile 1070   r32132 igor2 2020-07-03T12:30:03.114902Z
README 141   r3636 miloh 2016-09-28T00:59:24.999066Z 1643   r27864 igor2 2019-10-13T06:53:24.169507Z
fp2preview 6286   r32568 igor2 2020-08-24T02:32:53.566428Z
fp2subc 3052   r14363 igor2 2018-01-31T04:31:56.626959Z
gnet-pcbrndfwd.scm 4114   r13194 igor2 2017-12-03T14:33:35.080513Z
gnet-pcbrndfwd_elem.scm 3519   r13194 igor2 2017-12-03T14:33:35.080513Z
pcb-prj2lht 4126   r5950 igor2 2016-12-27T06:36:19.337536Z
pcb-rnd-svg 4664   r34790 igor2 2021-06-05T15:05:03.719508Z
pcblib-param.cgi 10860   r27865 igor2 2019-10-13T06:54:18.121434Z
pcblib-static.cgi 4632   r34912 igor2 2021-06-14T08:00:36.318952Z
pcblib.cgi.conf 992   r36424 cuvoodoo 2022-06-24T22:03:07.481163Z

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