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. (dir)   r36636 igor2 2022-07-31T06:26:37.982142Z
.. (dir)   r39152 igor2 2024-07-15T06:21:53.436297Z
Makefile 27   r36504 igor2 2022-07-22T03:14:45.454906Z
base.rp 11957   r36509 igor2 2022-07-22T04:54:06.101431Z
bbox.rp 12393   r36509 igor2 2022-07-22T04:54:06.101431Z
bbox_mir.rp 12414   r36527 igor2 2022-07-22T15:03:06.878881Z
bbox_rot.rp 12395   r36527 igor2 2022-07-22T15:03:06.878881Z
bbox_scale.rp 12385   r36527 igor2 2022-07-22T15:03:06.878881Z
bbox_scx.rp 12441   r36527 igor2 2022-07-22T15:03:06.878881Z
decomp.rp 12392   r36509 igor2 2022-07-22T04:54:06.101431Z
font1.rp 11864   r36528 igor2 2022-07-22T15:17:49.876663Z
font2.rp 24778   r36528 igor2 2022-07-22T15:17:49.876663Z
mirr.rp 11978   r36510 igor2 2022-07-22T04:59:52.619030Z
rot.rp 11958   r36510 igor2 2022-07-22T04:59:52.619030Z
rotmirr.rp 11978   r36510 igor2 2022-07-22T04:59:52.619030Z
scale.rp 11957   r36511 igor2 2022-07-22T05:05:34.419322Z
scalex.rp 11985   r36511 igor2 2022-07-22T05:05:34.419322Z
scaley.rp 11985   r36511 igor2 2022-07-22T05:05:34.419322Z
scaleyr.rp 11986   r36511 igor2 2022-07-22T05:05:34.419322Z
test.font 4976   r36509 igor2 2022-07-22T04:54:06.101431Z 498   r36636 igor2 2022-07-31T06:26:37.982142Z
thick.rp 11986   r36511 igor2 2022-07-22T05:05:34.419322Z
thicksc.rp 12015   r36511 igor2 2022-07-22T05:05:34.419322Z

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