r30754 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22020-04-22T04:54:16.172578Z
[import_sch] -Del: old import schematics plugin - use the new one

M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.h
A /work/obsolete/import_sch
D /trunk/src_plugins/import_sch
M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.tab
M /trunk/scconfig/plugins.h
M /trunk/src_plugins/plugins_ALL.tmpasm
r27407 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22019-08-28T06:10:08.502185Z
[gtk3] -Del: compat layer for gtk3 (gtk3 HID has retired)

A /work/obsolete/gtk3_compat.h
M /trunk/src_plugins/lib_gtk_common/compat.h
r27398 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22019-08-28T02:21:11.494860Z
[gtk3] -Del: retire unsupported hid_gtk3_cairo: abandoned; not in-line with pcb-rnd plans: gtk effort should be focused on gtk2 and maybe gtk4

M /trunk/src_plugins/lib_gtk_common/wt_trunc_text.c
A /work/obsolete/hid_gtk3_cairo
M /trunk/scconfig/plugins.h
D /trunk/src_plugins/hid_gtk3_cairo
M /trunk/src_plugins/plugins_ALL.tmpasm
M /trunk/src_plugins/lib_gtk_common/Plug.tmpasm
r27069 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22019-08-07T07:24:30.822596Z
[export_bboard] -Del: retire this defunct plugin

M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.h
D /trunk/src_plugins/export_bboard
M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.tab
M /trunk/scconfig/plugins.h
A /work/obsolete/export_bboard
M /trunk/src_plugins/plugins_ALL.tmpasm
r19628 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22018-09-29T03:24:02.223685Z
[nelma] -Del: retire the plugin - upstream stopped maintenance and there was no user either (openems and other sims will take the role)

M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.h
M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.tab
D /trunk/src_plugins/export_nelma
M /trunk/scconfig/plugins.h
M /trunk/src_plugins/plugins_ALL.tmpasm
A /work/obsolete/export_nelma
r16236 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22018-04-07T09:01:48.539804Z
[hid_srv_ws] -Del: retire the plugin; the web version will not use websockets

D /trunk/src_plugins/hid_srv_ws
M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.h
M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.tab
M /trunk/scconfig/plugins.h
A /work/obsolete/hid_srv_ws
M /trunk/src_plugins/plugins_ALL.tmpasm
r13269 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22017-12-05T05:00:09.595934Z
[core] -Del: retire free_atexit() - rather depend on uninit functions

M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.h
M /trunk/src/main.c
D /trunk/src/free_atexit.c
A /work/obsolete/free_atexit.h
M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.tab
D /trunk/src/free_atexit.h
M /trunk/src/Makefile.dep
M /trunk/src/Makefile.in
A /work/obsolete/free_atexit.c
r11265 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22017-09-03T03:28:16.616342Z
[dbus] -Del: retire this old, unused plugin

M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.h
A /work/obsolete/dbus
M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.tab
M /trunk/scconfig/plugins.h
A /work/obsolete/dbus/SCCONFIG.dbus.patch
M /trunk/src/Makefile.dep
M /trunk/src_plugins/plugins_ALL.tmpasm
D /trunk/src_plugins/dbus
M /trunk/scconfig/hooks.c
r11183 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22017-09-01T06:14:56.781189Z
[openscad] -Del: retire the original openscad exporter; full rewrite follows

D /trunk/src_plugins/export_openscad/scad.h
A /work/obsolete/export_openscad
D /trunk/src_plugins/export_openscad/scadcomp.c
D /trunk/src_plugins/export_openscad/scad.c
D /trunk/src_plugins/export_openscad/scadproto.c
M /trunk/src_plugins/export_openscad/Plug.tmpasm
r11120 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22017-08-28T06:32:55.303175Z
[export_dxf] -Del: retire the old dxf code - will be rewritten from scratch

D /trunk/src_plugins/export_dxf/README
D /trunk/src_plugins/export_dxf/dxf.c
A /work/obsolete/export_dxf
r6822 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22017-02-11T04:05:08.644807Z
[toporouter] -Add: LP bugreport and patch that might fix the infinite loop

A /work/obsolete/toporouter/patches/LP.txt
A /work/obsolete/toporouter/patches
A /work/obsolete/toporouter/patches/0001-CONVERT-PCB-S-BASE-UNITS-TO-NANOMETERS.patch
r6803 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22017-02-10T02:48:11.674090Z
[toporouter] -Move: from trunk to work/obsolete - remove defunct plugin until someone starts to care

D /trunk/src_3rd/gts
D /trunk/src_plugins/toporouter
A /work/obsolete/toporouter/src_3rd/gts
A /work/obsolete/toporouter/src_3rd
A /work/obsolete/toporouter/src_plugins
A /work/obsolete/toporouter/src_plugins/toporouter
r6801 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22017-02-10T02:44:48.658610Z
[obsolete] -Add: scconfig part of toporouter

A /work/obsolete/toporouter/plugins.h
A /work/obsolete/toporouter/hooks.c
r6800 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22017-02-10T02:37:45.770043Z
[obsolete] -Add: dir for toporouter

A /work/obsolete/toporouter
A /work/obsolete/toporouter/README
A /work/obsolete

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