r23216 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22019-02-16T17:11:35.003774Z
[tests] -Add: netlist geo test case for polygon hole

A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_poly_poly2.lht
r23212 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22019-02-16T16:20:20.966091Z
[tests] -Fix: remove predrawn rat line

M /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_line_pstk.lht
r23211 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22019-02-16T16:16:35.811402Z
[tests] -Add: test cases for the new rat geo code (with shortest path on any object vs. any object)

A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_poly_arc.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_poly_pstk.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_poly_poly.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_line_line.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_arc_pstk.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_line_pstk.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_arc_arc.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_line_arc.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_pstk_pstk.lht
A /trunk/tests/netlist2/rat_line_poly.lht

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