r10332 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-25T15:43:37.886210Z
[tests] -Add: hierarchic: slotted SRS

A /trunk/tests/hier/slot/child.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/slot/main.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/slot/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/slot/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/slot
A /trunk/tests/hier/slot/abst.ref
r10237 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-22T13:25:25.454405Z
[tests] -Fix: std_forge_cond: use detected librnd extra ldflags for -L's when linking

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/Makefile
r10202 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-20T09:15:28.460254Z
-Update: tests: spice_slot ref to the new anon net naming of r10201

M /trunk/tests/hier/spice_slot/spc.ref
r10174 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-19T08:08:56.310115Z
[tests] -Add: hierarchic: test case for spice export

A /trunk/tests/hier/spice_slot/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/spice_slot
A /trunk/tests/hier/spice_slot/spc.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/spice_slot/root.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/spice_slot/child.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/spice_slot/Makefile
r10165 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T16:04:40.795246Z
[tests] -Add: hierarchic test case mixing wirenet and attribute based connections across different levels of the hierarchy

M /trunk/tests/hier/nlmix/abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/nlmix/l1.rs
M /trunk/tests/hier/nlmix/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/nlmix
r10162 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T14:56:23.809441Z
-Fix: hier clg test's ref

M /trunk/tests/hier/clg/abst.ref
r10161 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T14:54:26.548918Z
[tests] -Add: hierarchic: test cases clg and clup to test global and subtree local component binding

R /trunk/tests/hier/clg/l0.rs
R /trunk/tests/hier/clup/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/clup/Makefile
R /trunk/tests/hier/clup/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/clg
A /trunk/tests/hier/clup/abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/clg/Makefile
R /trunk/tests/hier/clup/l2.rs
R /trunk/tests/hier/clg/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/clup
R /trunk/tests/hier/clg/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/clg/abst.ref
r10160 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T14:44:51.305359Z
[tests] -Add: hierarchic: cl2 and cl3 test cases for ./ (auto) prefixed components

R /trunk/tests/hier/cl3/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl2
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl3/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl3
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl2/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl3/abst.ref
R /trunk/tests/hier/cl2/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl2/abst.ref
R /trunk/tests/hier/cl3/l0.rs
R /trunk/tests/hier/cl2/l1.rs
R /trunk/tests/hier/cl3/l1.rs
R /trunk/tests/hier/cl2/l2.rs
r10159 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T14:33:50.277460Z
[tests] -Add: make hier/cl1 testable

M /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/abst.ref
r10157 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T14:09:33.366152Z
-Cleanup: remove excess wirenets and sheet refs from test case

M /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/l2.rs
M /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/l1.rs
r10156 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T14:03:18.018525Z
[tests] -Add: hierarchic: component merge test case: auto names

A /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl1
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/cl1/l1.rs
r10155 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T13:18:05.991361Z
-Cleanup: rename hier test cases, prefixing with 'n' for networks, to make room for component tests

D /trunk/tests/hier/lg
D /trunk/tests/hier/l3
D /trunk/tests/hier/lup
A /trunk/tests/hier/nl1
A /trunk/tests/hier/nl2
A /trunk/tests/hier/nl1a
D /trunk/tests/hier/lupa
A /trunk/tests/hier/nlg
A /trunk/tests/hier/nl3
A /trunk/tests/hier/nl2a
A /trunk/tests/hier/nlga
A /trunk/tests/hier/nl3a
A /trunk/tests/hier/nlupa
D /trunk/tests/hier/l1a
A /trunk/tests/hier/nlup
D /trunk/tests/hier/l2a
D /trunk/tests/hier/l1
D /trunk/tests/hier/lga
D /trunk/tests/hier/l3a
D /trunk/tests/hier/l2
r10154 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T13:12:25.135615Z
[tests] -Cleanup: hierarchic: simplify existing tests, always use the same file name for the export

M /trunk/tests/hier/lga/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/abst.ref
D /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/l1a.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3/abst.ref
D /trunk/tests/hier/l2/l2.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lup/abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lg/abst.ref
D /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/l2a.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lga/abst.ref
D /trunk/tests/hier/lg/lg.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l2/Makefile
D /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/l3a.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1/Makefile
D /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/lupa.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2/abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/Makefile
D /trunk/tests/hier/l3/l3.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1/abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/Makefile
D /trunk/tests/hier/lga/lga.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/Makefile
D /trunk/tests/hier/lup/lup.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/lup/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/lg/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/abst.ref
D /trunk/tests/hier/l1/l1.abst.ref
r10148 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T12:07:23.162160Z
-Update: hier test refs for r10147

M /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/l1a.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l2/l2.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/l2a.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lg/lg.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/l3a.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/lupa.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3/l3.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lga/lga.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lup/lup.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1/l1.abst.ref
r10143 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T10:33:21.512797Z
-Del: redundant test case

D /trunk/tests/hier/lv
r10142 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-18T10:25:18.917855Z
[tests] -Add: hierarchic: attribute based net creation with different addressing schemes

M /trunk/tests/hier/lga/l0.rs
M /trunk/tests/hier/lga/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/l1.rs
M /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/l1a.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/l1.rs
M /trunk/tests/hier/lga/l1.rs
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/l2a.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/l2.rs
M /trunk/tests/hier/lga/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/l3a.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/lupa.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lupa
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/l2.rs
D /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/l1.abst.ref
D /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/l1.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/l1.rs
D /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/l1.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/Makefile
D /trunk/tests/hier/lga/l1.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lga/lga.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/lupa/l2.rs
M /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1a
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3a/l0.rs
D /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/l1.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l2a/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2a
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1a/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lga
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3a
r10122 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-17T14:52:48.682113Z
[tests] -Fix: hier test case Makefiles shouldn't depend on sch-rnd already installed

M /trunk/tests/hier/l2/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/lv/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/lup/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/hier/lg/Makefile
r10121 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-17T14:45:58.011697Z
[tests] -Fix: make sure hier test suite fails if any test fails

M /trunk/tests/hier/Makefile
r10120 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-17T14:41:59.929210Z
[tests] -Update: hierarchic: include OMITs in the ref output files

M /trunk/tests/hier/l2/l2.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lg/lg.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l3/l3.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lv/lv.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/lup/lup.abst.ref
M /trunk/tests/hier/l1/l1.abst.ref
r10111 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-17T11:50:51.460284Z
[tests] -Fix: export_spice should return false on failure

M /trunk/tests/export_spice/test.sh
r10110 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22024-01-17T10:29:48.251793Z
[tests] -Add: test cases for 3-level linear hierarchies with different net name addressing schemes

A /trunk/tests/hier/lg/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/lg/lg.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lup/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lup/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/lg/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lup/lup.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lv/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/lv/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lg/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/lg
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lv/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3/l3.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lv
A /trunk/tests/hier/lv/lv.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lg/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2/l2.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1/l1.abst.ref
A /trunk/tests/hier/lup/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lup/l1.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1
A /trunk/tests/hier/l2
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3
A /trunk/tests/hier/lg/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/lv/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/lup
A /trunk/tests/hier/lup/l0.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l3/l2.rs
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/hier/l1/project.lht
A /trunk/tests/hier/lv/l1.rs
r9968 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-11-29T16:00:34.316343Z
[tests] -Update: slot ref for the recent fixes in the example (source of the test)

M /trunk/tests/export_abst/slot.ref
r8956 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-08-25T03:09:53.057849Z
[tests] -Update: export abst refs: wirenet group attrib always exported

M /trunk/tests/export_abst/devmap.ref
M /trunk/tests/export_abst/slot.ref
M /trunk/tests/export_abst/psu.ref
M /trunk/tests/export_abst/slot2.ref
r8879 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-08-07T07:40:21.010562Z
[tests] -Add: manual test case for the fix of r8878 (copy of Erich's bugreport)

A /trunk/tests/manual/cn1
A /trunk/tests/manual/cn1/test.rs
A /trunk/tests/manual
A /trunk/tests/manual/cn1/README
A /trunk/tests/manual/README
r8305 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-07-07T03:33:59.597285Z
[tests] -Add: forge cond tester offers a const called "empty" that returns an empty string

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/std_forge_cond.c
r8304 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-07-07T03:27:47.856488Z
[tests] -Add: empty string regression test for forgecond

A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/str_empty.in
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/str_empty.ref
r8113 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T07:52:07.140617Z
[tests] -Fix: std_forge_cond: work around GNU make so it doesn't try to run yacc on the byaccic grammar

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/Makefile
r8109 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T07:18:16.276235Z
-Fix: missing ldflags from command line from the previous commit

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/Makefile
r8108 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T07:16:20.424486Z
[tests] -Fix: std_forge_cond: use librnd's LDFLAGS for compiling the test executable

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/Makefile
r8107 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T07:13:31.286010Z
[tests] -Cleanup: std_forge_cond: do not hardwire gcc-specific flags for compiling the test

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/Makefile
r8106 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T07:11:20.897645Z
[tests] -Add: std_forge_cond: fallback RND_INLINE macro in case librnd didn't declare it (old version?)

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/std_forge_cond.c
r8105 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T07:02:30.830734Z
[tests] -Add: std_forge_cond: need to include librnd's config.h for RND_INLINE

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/std_forge_cond.c
r8104 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T07:00:44.605876Z
[tests] -Add: announce when all test passed

M /trunk/tests/Makefile
r8103 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T06:59:31.547040Z
[tests] -Add: std_forge_cond: implement 'make test', get it to run from the central make test

M /trunk/tests/Makefile
M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/Makefile
r8102 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T06:57:00.827164Z
[tests] -Add: std_forge_cond: regression tests

A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/unary.in
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/bin_and.in
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/cmp.ref
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/bin_or.ref
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/bin_or.in
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/algeb.in
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/cmp.in
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/algeb.ref
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/str.ref
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/str.in
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/bin_and.ref
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/unary.ref
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/regression/Test.sh
r8101 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T06:56:23.407194Z
[tests] -Fix: std_forge_cond: if only one string is given for resolution, it's name1, not name2

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/std_forge_cond.c
r8100 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T06:55:43.526326Z
[tests] -Add: std_forge_cond: better test variable names

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/std_forge_cond.c
r8099 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T06:40:19.307053Z
[tests] -Add: std_forge_cond: print section headres for easier interpretation fot he log

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/std_forge_cond.c
r8098 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-29T06:35:10.789043Z
[tests] -Update: get std_forge_cond to compile again

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/Makefile
r8081 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-28T14:35:26.364254Z
[std_forge] -Add: cond tester: free all memory at the end

M /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/std_forge_cond.c
r8078 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-28T14:18:57.871133Z
[std_forge] -Split: move out condition expression unit test to tests/ [build] -Add: support for bylaccic and ureglex

M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.h
M /trunk/src/plugins/std_forge/Plug.tmpasm
A /trunk/src/plugins/std_forge/cond.h
D /trunk/src/plugins/std_forge/cond
M /trunk/src/sch-rnd/Makefile.in
M /trunk/scconfig/Rev.tab
A /trunk/src/plugins/std_forge/cond_gram.y
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/std_forge_cond.c
M /trunk/src/plugins/Common_enabled.tmpasm
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond
A /trunk/tests/std_forge_cond/Makefile
M /trunk/src/plugins/std_forge/std_forge.c
r7955 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-10T07:49:30.413901Z
[lib_plot] -Add: make it easier to change level 0 input data length [lib_plot] -Add: level 0 verify function

M /trunk/tests/lib_plot/main.c
r7954 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-10T07:49:06.034654Z
[lib_plot] -Add: commented out Makefile gnuism for testing with -O3 and -pg

M /trunk/tests/lib_plot/Makefile
r7953 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-10T07:29:42.631856Z
[lib_plot] -Fix: tester should use buffered sequential write for filling up input

M /trunk/tests/lib_plot/main.c
r7949 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-10T06:43:15.286222Z
-Fix: typo

M /trunk/tests/lib_plot/main.c
r7948 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-10T06:40:10.730543Z
[lib_plot] -Update: tester for the API changes

M /trunk/tests/lib_plot/main.c
r7944 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-10T03:56:50.957174Z
[lib_plot] -Add: use buffered read to dump data

M /trunk/tests/lib_plot/main.c
M /trunk/tests/lib_plot/Makefile
r7942 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-09T15:44:39.563283Z
[lib_plot] -Add: minimal tester

A /trunk/tests/lib_plot/main.c
A /trunk/tests/lib_plot
A /trunk/tests/lib_plot/Makefile
r7920 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-09T06:47:20.685061Z
[tests] -Fix: execute sch-rnd in quiet mode when exporting to avoid unnecessary warnings

M /trunk/tests/export_spice/test.sh
r7909 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-08T08:53:00.149078Z
[tests] -Update: abst ref for r7907

M /trunk/tests/export_abst/slot.ref
r7893 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-06-08T06:27:46.235848Z
[tests] -Add: auto-test raw spice export

A /trunk/tests/export_spice/10_bjt_amp_tr.cir.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/test.sh
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/16_opamp_dc.cir.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/12_bjt_amp_ac.cir.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/22_custom_sym.cir.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/04_passive_tr.cir.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_spice
M /trunk/tests/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/18_opamp_ac.cir.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/06_passive_ac.cir.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/30_mixed.cir.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_spice/01_dc.cir.ref
r6723 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-02-22T07:52:05.961608Z
[tests] -Add: save reference output of the relative_path test

A /trunk/tests/relative_path/ref
r6722 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22023-02-22T07:51:39.408249Z
[tests] -Add: unit test for the relative path code

A /trunk/tests/relative_path/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/relative_path/main.c
A /trunk/tests/relative_path
r5975 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22022-10-27T09:25:02.774261Z
[tests] -Fix: make sure to exit with error status if any test failed

M /trunk/tests/export_abst/test.sh
r5971 file changeset diff or repo changeset diff igor22022-10-27T08:31:27.990828Z
[tests] -Add: minimal automatic smoke tester comparing the abstract export of examples to saved refs

A /trunk/tests/export_abst
A /trunk/tests/export_abst/test.sh
A /trunk/tests/export_abst/devmap.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_abst/slot.ref
A /trunk/tests
A /trunk/tests/export_abst/psu.ref
A /trunk/tests/Makefile
A /trunk/tests/export_abst/slot2.ref
A /trunk/tests/export_abst/Makefile

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