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. (dir)   r6370 igor2 2023-01-31T02:58:29.009766Z
.. (dir)   r6370 igor2 2023-01-31T02:58:29.009766Z
doc (dir)   r6370 igor2 2023-01-31T02:58:29.009766Z
font (dir)   r4998 erich 2022-08-02T06:28:45.272398Z
library (dir)   r6329 igor2 2022-12-24T04:20:24.036058Z
scconfig (dir)   r6294 igor2 2022-12-20T04:16:25.485923Z
src (dir)   r6363 igor2 2023-01-21T04:39:33.201246Z
src_3rd (dir)   r6296 igor2 2022-12-20T07:20:08.171020Z
tests (dir)   r5975 igor2 2022-10-27T09:25:02.774261Z
util (dir)   r6341 igor2 2022-12-31T06:29:48.854878Z
AUTHORS 94   r1453 igor2 2022-01-21T04:48:31.214023Z
COPYING 26530   r1454 igor2 2022-01-21T04:50:34.781595Z
Changelog 67612   r6001 igor2 2022-11-07T16:01:30.339360Z
INSTALL 2788   r6020 igor2 2022-11-16T11:50:00.706774Z
Makefile 987   r6027 igor2 2022-11-17T04:33:08.673626Z 1667   r6062 igor2 2022-11-21T14:56:55.037070Z
README 917   r4778 igor2 2022-07-04T03:50:54.380431Z
Release_notes 320   r5988 igor2 2022-10-29T14:47:58.168234Z
config.h 0   r350 igor2 2018-03-16T11:45:23.738877Z
configure 841   r6018 igor2 2022-11-16T10:49:50.021596Z

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